Specialist Services

  • Real World Evidence to suuport healthcare innovation
  • Small business 'Insight to Marketing Plan' and 'Marketing Audit' packages
  • ​Translating brand values into sales and service delivery behaviours
  • Customer Journey design
  • Not for profit and social insight gathering
Marketing Strategy 

  • Medium and long-term marketing strategy development
  • Fully integrated communication campaign creation
  • Digital and social media integration with traditional channels
  • Customer retention and loyalty strategies
  • Marketing and sales channel alignment
  • New product launch strategies

Our Services

Real World Evidence

  • Supporting healthcare innovation
  • Providing consumer insight to supplement clinical trials 
  • Delivering results to support client campaigns
  • Applying powerful, statistically robust quantitative methods
  • Sourcing consumers to meet specific, detailed recruitment criteria

Research & Insight

  • Programme design and set-up
  • New product development testing
  • Customer experience tracking and NPS
  • Brand and advertising impact tracking
  • Creative evaluation
  • Insight consultancy and implementation
  • Quantitative analysis and reporting
  • Desk research
  • Focus groups and depth-interviews

ID insight consulting