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​​The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement brought the value of employee benefits into sharp focus – with some potentially profound implications for the leasing market.

The widely predicted raid on employer provided car benefits will create uncertainty in the mind of drivers and employers…perhaps the catalyst for a wholesale re-evaluation of future schemes.  In this context the fleet industry needs to take the lead by assessing the real impact, educating clients and ensuring that future solutions are appropriate, valued and sustainable.

Research conducted this week amongst car scheme members – drivers of company cars, salary sacrifice cars and cash takers – is the critical start point for that activity.  The research delivers an understanding of driver knowledge, perceptions and future behaviour.

UK Consumer Mindsets

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​The economic outlook might be better now than for years but most consumers view the future with a degree of uncertainty…and some with outright pessimism.

Prolonged recession and continuing austerity have created a range of battle hardened consumer types including ‘thrifty affluents’, ‘anxious but inactive’ and ‘savvy spenders’.

The psychological impact of recent years seems to be outliving the financial reality. Consumer behaviour and long term decision-making seem inconsistent, if not irrational​.

Two Steps Forward & One Step Back - UK Consumer Mindsets ​explores these, and other, consumer attitudes and what they could mean for your business. 

Autumn Statement - Car Benefit Impacts

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