Who are we?

ID Insight Consulting was established in 2013 by Andy Baker, a researcher with over 20 years experience of designing, conducting and delivering insight of the very highest quality.

Andy is partnered by Duncan Bridge, a senior marketing professional with experience of working with some of the world's leading brands.

​We also partner with key industry experts and research professionals on specific projects, to make sure that every project for every clients is supported by the best possible team.


Tell me more...

Andy has extensive client-side experience, including a number of years in senior research roles with major brands, which makes him perfectly qualified to balance the need for rigorous, expert insight design with the practical constraints of time and budget that businesses will often face. On the agency side, he has supported clients across a wide range of sectors from leisure and communications through to healthcare and financial services.

Duncan has a track record of delivering outstanding business results through innovative and pragmatic marketing strategies. His experience includes senior positions and consultancy engagements at organisations as diverse as Sainsbury's, London Underground, Volkswagen, Save the Children and a host of boutique businesses.

Elliot's background is in client focused roles in the investments and insurance sectors.  Working for and with large multinational businesses, gives him first hand experience of the commercial realities they face and the need for pragmatic, real-world solutions.  

Where a project requires we operate with a wide range of associates and partners who bring specialist skills and additional capacity.

Our Promise

About Us

We deliver the same dedicated, senior level support on every project, no matter how large or small.

We will never recommend an engagement that we do not believe will provide actionable outcomes and genuine business benefits to our clients.

Andy Baker

Research programme design and delivery.  Insight consulting and advice.  Client support. Statistical analysis. Focus group and depth-interview moderation, analysis and reporting.

Duncan Bridge

Marketing strategy and business consulting.  Integrated campaign management.  Insight consulting.  Programme management.  Focus group and depth-interview moderation, analysis and reporting

This is us...

Elliot Barton

Client support.  Planning and scripting.  Data management.  Statistical analysis and reporting.  Account management.

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